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Pinewood - Project

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Pinewood Project's store direct access to :

Pinewood Project handmade knives : Click here

Products approved and used by Pinewood Project : Click here

What is Pinewood Project ?

First and foremost a Survival School based in Switzerland, covering multiple fields from wilderness survival to urban self-reliance, tracking, tactical classes, self defense, primitive techniques and experimental archeology.

But as the name may tell, Pinewood Project is more that that.

Pinewood Project and knife making

I have been making custom and semi-custom knives designed for the great outdoors and urban jungles, but also tools and leather goods as well as kydex molded sheaths and accessories

You can find some of my creations on

Pinewood Project designs and develops gear

I have been developping outdoor and survival related gear, by myself or in conjunction with specialized professionals.

Links for the next kickstarted campaigns will pop here, once launched

"Pinewood Project's approved" gear store and brands

As a survival instructor since the early 2000's, I have been testing a fair amount of gear, have been a tester for 12+ international companies and have decided to make a store where I only sell the items I have used and have been happy with their performances.
NOTE: As of right now, if you want to order something, please contact me by e-mail: I use to only sell to my participants, but considering the CoVid Situation, I have decided to broaden the reach but the shopify platform is not yet squared up

Other than that, here are the brands I have been a dealer of for several years (contact me by email if you want a quote on any product of these brands that doesn't appear here -->



Wander Tactical sealskinz helikon tex Savotta

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